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A TCG to rule them all – Hearthstone: Blizzard’s new money child – Hacks and Review

Hearthstone is the latest addition to a number of all-star games created by the famous Blizzard Entertainment. This new trading card game is the “remake” of the now lost wow tcg and combines the power of the ccg’s and the Warcraft universe in a title that has everything to accomplish great success.

free hearthstone hacks

The first thing that comes to say is: “I like games with cards”. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m talking only about videogames. The “normal” collectible card games with my will, martyr Kavvadas. The emotion that gives every new booster pack when opening, anticipation to find out what “good” Sou ‘ this thy tyche buying and the sense of emptiness you feel when you see all the cards, compared with only one has a thirsty you give to drink a spoonful of water.

Now no one will ask: What difference has the videogame nature of these games? In fact, minimal. But this is something that bothers, has the greatest importance. When you have met the franchise through live battles and strong plot, it is difficult to restrict the experience within a handful of cards. Let alone when-inevitably-the action is replaced by alternating the series. With a grimace, well, art critic, I put the beta: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone-and pleasantly exeplixe.

Meeting his classmates Azeroth

Perhaps it is beta, perhaps omitting the element of the game, however-once again-no one undertakes to explain how the game is played. The crooked smile takes clear bent downward, and such games are sufficiently complex and require a great deal of friction from the part of the player. Somewhere here, though, they started smiles to slowly replace skepticism. The Jaina Proudmoore engaging describes every move you make, even if you were in luck. This is because, in fact, it was left to chance. It was the only option and was placed to ease the learning curve.

In a setting that likeable awakens memories (mostly from the third part of the series), the two heroes, i.e. the cards that represent them, are facing each other. On the side of each one are the decks and having heard the requisite trash talk with normal voices and sayings of the protagonists, the game begins. Each card depicts a monster (minion), hero or spell from the popular world and what counts is the three numbers in as many corners of the card. Damage, health and mana. Apparently, when the damage is greater than health, each minion exterminated. You can find some working hacks for hearthstone that generate gold and let you see your opponents hand in the official hack website http://hearthstonehacks.org/ those cheats are free and totally undetectable.
The details don’t fit here, so leave them for review. What is important is that at six first battles learn nearly everything about the game. So, filled with confidence and with the myriad of characters of Azeroth to wait to see the next card, you realize that, instead of an overly technical game with tedious length, have a title with fast-paced, easy-initially-WINS and satisfying rewards. Either lose or win, collect experience that brings new levels and unlock booster packs with possible cards.

Show me the deck you Play, to tell you who you are

In beta there are three game options: the workout, the battle with real opponent and the arena. The first is brilliantly staged and highly necessary. There, you experience one of the nine different categories hero starring. If you win, you unlock along with their main deck and the special characteristics that set them apart from the rest. At the same time, the points of experience they bring new cards and strengthen your collection. At anytime, you can modify the deck that you will use in battle, based on judgment and your strategy.

When you feel ready, you can antiparatetheite with real players. This can be done either as a free contest, either as a ranked match, which elevates to the hall of fame. The match occurs on the basis of your performance, but in the beta I met only one type of qualification/level of difficulty. The connection is made quickly and seamlessly and the battle differs little from those against the AI, while there is also the option to chat with standard expressions (with strangers). Against the real opponent, however, created a small reflection …

The size of the deck is relatively small (30 cards) of which play in the fate of the 25. Given the rapid pace of the game, the “heavy” you can come too late or never. This gives the impression that your deck is weak, or the opponent very well staged. To resolve this injustice, introduced the option Arena. There, each player chooses from a set of cards that randomly opens in front of and facing random players. It can be argued that in Arena counts only the regular.

Pay to play, free to win … I Am Confused!

To: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone, will be free to play game, while there are micro-transactions-and they are many. There is a digital currency that you earn by performing quests (achievements, e.g. style “encountered 3 opponents”), and the boosters come often enough. But who can resist and not to use the in-game shop to buy more, or to pay for participation in the arena where are the biggest bonus experience? If it doesn’t, you should wait until the “normal” time, and gamers are not renowned for their patience.

The odor of pay-to-win is stark and clear. We cannot, however, put estoppel, only from the beta version. Even without putting the hand in the Pocket, we enjoyed a game with quick battle, beautifully staged and s’enan favourite world so addictive, which leads to numerous drove him sleepless nights. From there they waited, the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft wins our interest and enters the list of titles we look forward in the future. Worth to try it yourselves, when the open beta launch in Europe. I said, soon! What soon, lightning fast, today 23/1 opened its gates in our parts.


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